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This build is a PvP focused build, centered around the Non-CP environment of Battlegrounds. However, this build still works very well in a CP environment, such as a CP Cyrodiil campaign. A little about this build: you are first and foremost a healer. Secondly, your setup will allow you to aid and support your team to victory through the use of heals, CC, tankiness, and evasion. This build focuses on extremely high magicka regeneration and overall sustain which allows us to stay in the fight for as long as possible. Lastly, I should note, this build is CRAZY FUN!




Bar 1: Sword and Shield

  1. Shrewd Offering (Malevolent Offering Morph): Really nice burst heal, at the expense of a small amount of your own health.

  2. Refreshing Path (Path of Darkness Morph): Found in the Nightblade's Shadow tree, this skill adds another Heal over Time (HoT) to our setup, as well as granting us a source of Major Expedition. I've found this skill quite useful in Battlegrounds as it gives us a bit more mobility and allows us to catch up to our speedier teammates. Lastly, with the "Shadow Barrier" passive you'll also gain Major Ward and Major Resolve upon activating this ability which is really helpful.

  3. Mass Hysteria (Aspect of Terror Morph): One of our main CC's as it fears the enemy! If you see one of your teammates being wailed on by an opponent, run over and fear them. This will force the enemy to CC break, and will give your ally time to recover. Also when the fear ends, the enemy's movement speed is reduced by 53% and they are afflicted with Minor Maim, reducing their damage done by 15% for 4 seconds.

  4. Mirage (Blur Morph): Another skill to aid in our overall tank/survivability area. This 1 skill gives us 3 things: Major Evasion, Minor Resolve, and Minor Ward. Pretty awesome.

  5. Dark Cloak or Shadowy Disguise (Shadow Cloak Morph) OR FLEX SPOT: I use Dark Cloak for the self heal & Minor Protection buff, but if you want to play this build a little more stealthy and use Shadowy Disguise for the invisibility, you totally can.  This is also your flex spot, so if you wanted to run something like Spell Symmetry here you could as well.

  6. Ultimate - Replenishing Barrier or Reviving Barrier (Barrier Morph) OR FLEX SPOT: I like using Replenishing Barrier here for the ultimate and magicka gain, but Reviging Barrier works here as well. Alternately you can use your Nightblade Ultimate Soul Siphon for a huge group burst heal, or even something like Meteor if you want. I've also thought about MAYBE slotting the Werewolf ultimate here solely for the Stamina Regen.


Bar 2: Restoration Staff

  1. Mutagen (Regeneration Morph): Heal over time skill as well as having the potential to remove one negative effect if the ally falls below 20% health.

  2. Efficient Purge (Purge Morph): Found in the Support section of the Alliance War Skill Line. Defintely a must-have on this build as it's the main source for any non-Templar class of wiping negative effects off you and your allies.

  3. Healing Ward (Steadfast Ward Morph): This skill is crucial and is one of your main "Oh crap I need to save that guy right now" buttons. This gives a nice damage shield, which increases in strength based on how much health is missing. Also it has a small burst heal on application. Often times if either myself or an ally is in a really bad spot, I'll spam this until I can get closer to them to CC the enemy doing damage.

  4. Volcanic Rune (Fire Rune Morph): Another source of CC for this build and one that works really well in Battlegrounds. I like to use this to try and break up groups a bit, or control an area such as a flag or choke point. I've also used it while running away, throw it ahead of me a bit, run over it, the enemy follows and gets stunned. Quite fun!

  5. Shadow Image (Summon Shade Morph): This skill is a real cornerstone to this build and honestly makes this build 10 times more fun to play. Basically I drop this shade in a position outside of a battle (within 28 meters), and when I'm in the middle of a battle if things get bad I'll use this again to teleport back to my shade. If done correctly, you'll be out of harms way. This skill is also REALLY useful for getting away from enemies who are trying to focus you as the healer.

  6. Light's Champion (Panacea Morph): Our most powerful and main burst/heavy heal. Thankfully this ultimate cost is rather low at 125 so it comes up pretty quick! Not only does it heal loads to your or your ally over 5 seconds, but any friendly target you heal is also going to receive Major Force and Major Protection for 5 seconds as well!

Weapons & Armor

Where to get this gear:

The Engine Guardian Set - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Darkshade Caverns II. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Maj al-Ragath's Undaunted Chest after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Shacklebreaker Set - Crafted Set located at Zergonipal in Vvardenfell. Requires 6 traits to craft pieces of this set. Also, this set requires the Morrowind Expansion to craft, but any player can wear it.

The Shroud of the Lich Set - Pieces of this set can drop from bosses in both normal and veteran modes of the dungeons Crypt of Hearts I & II. I recommend doing these dungeons on veteran mode though, as the final boss has a chance to drop Purple quality jewelry (instead of the blue quality you'll get from Normal mode).

Other Monster Set Options:

The Troll King Set - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Blessed Crucible. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Gilirion the Redbeard's Undaunted Chest after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Blood Spawn Set - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Spindleclitch II. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Maj al-Ragath's Undaunted Chest after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Earthgore Set - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Bloodroot Forge. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Urgalarg Chief-Bane's Undaunted Chest after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Champion Points

Champion points aren't really important for this build as this build is mostly geared towards being used in a Non-CP environment. However, this build still works very well in a CP environment, so for your knowledge I've listed my CP setup with this build below. Feel free to make any changes based on your play-style.

The Lord (48)

28 Bastion, 20 Quick Recovery

The Lady (120)

10 Thick Skinned, 50 Hardy, 60 Elemental Defender

The Steed (80)

27 Ironclad, 10 Spell Shield, 43 Resistant

The Ritual (4)

4 Thaumaturge

The Atronach (41)

41 Staff Expert

The Apprentice (202)

85 Blessed, 65 Elfborn, 20 Elemental Expert, 32 Spell Erosion

The Shadow (62)

28 Shadow Ward, 34 Tumbling

The Lover (142)

26 Mooncalf, 56 Arcanist, 60 Tenacity

The Tower (43)

10 Sprinter, 33 Warlord

Other Important Things

Race: Argonian. Other options include Bretons & High Elves, but I totally prefer the Argonians because of their awesome tails and amazing potion passive, "Resourceful." This passive gives us magicka, health, AND stamina back when we drink any potion. This means we can get away with using Magicka potions and still regain the stamina needed to CC break, dodge roll, sprint, or cast Immovable Brute. Also the Argonian "Quick to Mend" passive is really nice for healing.

Mundus: The Atronach (increased Magicka Recovery)

Attributes: 64 into Magicka.

Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew. This gives us Max MagickaMax Health, and Magicka Recovery for 2 hours.

Potions: Honestly, I've been just using the crap Essence of Magicka potions that drop from mobs. With the insane regen we're already getting from Lich, Atronach Mundus, Engine Guardian, and our drink, I'm mainly just using this to get Major Intellect (increase magicka regeneration by 20%). However, if you wanna kick it up a notch, you can either run the Essence of Immovability potions for Magicka (Columbine, Namira's Rot, and Bugloss) or the Essense of Spell Power potions (Water Hyacinth, Corn Flower, Lady's Smock).

Build Updates

9/7/18: Changed skills on Bar 1. I swapped out "Immovable Brute" for "Refreshing Path" as I found that using "Immovable Brute" was too much of a stamina drain overall. Using Refreshing Path here is a much better choice as it saves our stamina purely for CC breaking and Dodge-Rolling (when or if needed).

9/21/18: Changed the 1H Sword enchant to Absorb Stamina instead of Absorb Magicka. Heavy attacking on the Sword and Shield bar helps recover stamina for CC breaking and the Absorb Stamina Enchant helps to take this one step further.

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