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ESO Leveling Guide

This video is a general leveling guide I created on my YouTube channel and will show you how to level up a new character fast in Elder Scrolls Online!

Newer players to ESO can absolutely follow this strategy, however I do try to encourage new players to slow things down a bit, take their time to understand the game mechanics and systems, and generally just have fun with the leveling process. The reason I took a faster approach to leveling the character in this video was because I consider myself an experienced player who fully understands the game mechanics and systems. Due to this, when I create a new character I like to try and get them to max level as fast as possible. If you have any questions please be sure to join our Discord where you can ask me your question directly in our Elder Scrolls Online chat.

Grind Guide - Header.jpg

For more information on the best PLACES to level in Elder Scrolls Online, check out my handy XP Grind Guide here!

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