Here you'll find a list of all the builds I've made and play with in the Elder Scrolls Online. Most are related to my Stam DK as it's my main character and I'm constantly trying out new sets, play-styles, and abilities. My goal with each build is to hopefully create something that is foremost fun to play, but also very effective. I tend to pride myself on creating PvP builds that are a bit more unique and outside the box, and as I've always been someone who tries to refuse to play the "meta."




Dark Serpent (Stamina DPS)



The Dark DK (Stamina)

(Stam DK with high move speed)




Hist-Tree-Healer (Magicka)

Dungeon healer



Marsh Mender (Magicka) *NEW!

(Non-CP Healer/Suport Build for Battlegrounds)

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