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Solo Stam DK PvE Build

Solo DK PvE Build.jpg


This page features the Stam DK builds I have used to complete the hardest solo content in the game such as Veteran Maelstrom Arena and Veteran Vateshran Hollows. I have achieved flawless (no death) runs with these builds in each arena.




Bar 1: Dual Wield

  1. Venemous Claw (Searing Strike Morph)

  2. Stone Giant (Stonefist Morph)

  3. Whirling Blades (Whirlwind Morph)

  4. Noxious Breath (Fiery Breath Morph)

  5. Resolving Vigor (Vigor Morph)

  6. Ultimate - Dawnbreaker of Smiting (Dawnbreaker Morph)


Bar 2: Bow

  1. Poison Injection (Poison Arrow Morph)

  2. Endless Hail (Volley Morph)

  3. Barbed Trap (Trap Beast Morph)

  4. Hardened Armor (Spiked Armor Morph)

  5. Flames of Oblivion (Inferno Morph)

  6. Ultimate - Standard of Might (Dragonknight Standard Morph)

Options: For Stage 5 of Maelstrom I usually swap Hardened Armor for Protective Plate (Protective Scale Morph). If you need more healing you can also use Cauterize (Inferno Morph) instead of Flames of Oblivion.

Weapons & Armor (Maelstrom Arena Setup)


Weapons & Armor (Vateshran Hollows Setup)























Where to get this gear:

Velidreth - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Cradle of Shadows. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Undaunted Chests after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Stonekeeper - Head drops from the final boss of Veteran Frostvault.

Vicious Ophidian (Serpent) Set - Pieces of this set have the chance to drop from bosses in the Craglorn Trials Aetherian Archive, Hel Ra Citadel, and Sanctum Ophidia. The jewelry has a chance to drop from the Final Boss in each of these Trials.

Berserking Warrior (Advancing Yokeda) Set - Hel Ra Citadel Trial in Craglorn.

Briarheart Set - Wrothgar and Guild Stores

The Maelstrom's Bow (Thunderous Volley Set) - Found in the final chest after completing Maelstrom Arena. Completing Maelstrom Arena on Veteran difficulty will give you the Perfected version. If you don't have this yet, just craft a Nirnhoned Bow from some crafted set such as Night Mother's Gaze (2 Piece will give you more weapon crit).

Ring of the Pale Order - Antiquities System


Other Sets that can work for this build:

Selene - Head pieces drop from the final boss of Veteran Selene's Web. Shoulder pieces can be found by opening Undaunted Chests after obtaining keys from the daily Undaunted Pledges.

Hunding's Rage - Crafted Set located at Trollslayer's Gully in The Rift, Wether's Cleft in Bankorai, or Broken Arch in Reaper's March.

Night Mother's Gaze - Crafted Set located at Eldbjorg's Hideaway in The Rift, Silaseli Ruins in Bankorai, or Old Town Cavern in Reaper's March. Requires 6 Traits to craft pieces of this set.

Mechanical Acuity - Crafted Set located at the Pavillion of Artifice in the Clockwork City. This set requires the Clockwork City DLC to craft, but any player can wear it.

Champion Points

The Lord (10)

10 Quick Recovery

The Lady (140)

42 Thick Skinned, 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender

The Steed (120)

67 Ironclad, 43 Spell Shield, 10 Medium Armor Focus

The Ritual (164)

48 Thaumaturge, 46 Precise Strikes, 6 Piercing, 64 Mighty

The Atronach (86)

14 Physical Weapon Expert, 72 Master-at-Arms

The Apprentice (20)

20 Blessed

The Shadow (58)

18 Shadow Ward, 40 Tumbling

The Lover (135)

60 Mooncalf, 15 Arcanist, 52 Tenacity

The Tower (77)

32 Sprinter, 45 Warlord

Other Important Things

Race: I play as an Orc, but other stamina classes like Redguard, Nord, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Khajiit, or Imperial would work well. Any stamina focused race would work for this build but you may have to tweak things depending on your stats and racial passives.

Mundus: The Shadow (Increase Critical Damage and Healing)

Attributes: 64 into Stamina

Food Options: For the final round of Veteran Maelstrom Arena I usually use Orzorga's Tripe Trifle Pocket, which increases my Max Health and Stamina Recovery. I find that on the final boss fight of VMA I roll-dodge a lot more and therefore need the increased Stamina regen this food provides.
















Potions & Poisons: 

Essence of Weapon Power potion: It can be crafted using Lorkhan's Tears, Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, and Wormwood.

Damage Health Poison IX: It can be crafted using Alkahest, Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, and Nirnroot.


Braised Rabbit with Spring
Orzorga's Tripe Trifle Pocket.jpg
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Essence of Weapon Power.jpg
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