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Cards, Universe & Everything Workshop Audio from 2/19/23

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I've recently gotten into a mobile trading / collecting / battling card game called Cards, Universe & Everything. I've talked about it a bunch lately on my stream and it's honestly been a real bright spot in my life, especially while I was in the hospital for my UC Flare up as it kept me occupied and distracted! If you'd like to download it and check it out, once you get past the tutorial, you can use my referral code for some free Gems and Cards to help out your deck!

On Sunday, February 19th, 2023 I hosted a "CUE Workshop" in my Discord. The purpose of this workshop was for me to share some tips I've picked up over the past 3-4 weeks while playing, and share them with the people who attended. I also invited a few attendees onto the call and helped them with their decks. Unfortunately, I forgot to check a specific setting on my audio software and the audio recording below only captured my audio and not that of the others on the call. This is only really an issue in the second half of the audio file, but I wanted to make you aware. The first half though is chalk full of hopefully useful tips for those of you who are new to CUE! Enjoy!

⚠ EDIT (3/2/2023) - I'd like to make a correction here to a tip I gave during this workshop. In the workshop I said that if you play a card in the right-most slot on the board, that card comes back sooner. That's actually not correct. Playing a card in the left-most slot will bring it back sooner into your hand. So sorry for the confusion here, but I wanted to make sure I corrected this by at least writing something here. Happy battling!


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